Day: May 20, 2020

A Quick Summary of the COVID-19 Literature So Far

What your doctor is reading on

MAY 18, 2020 — Since March 25, two HIV clinical fellows, Eric Meyerowitz, MD, and Aaron Richterman, MD, MPH, have recorded a biweekly deep dive into the most compelling COVID-19 data. Their presentations have become “must-see” TV (or rather, YouTube) for those trying to make sense of all the pandemic-related literature.

Medscape asked them to summarize what they’ve learned so far, ahead of their next update, scheduled for May 19.

Below are key takeaways from our fourth update, covering April 23 to May 5,

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Telehealth: Technology meets health care

Telehealth: Technologies fulfills health care

See how technologies can strengthen your health care.

By Mayo Clinic Employees

How quite a few occasions have you read it said that the world-wide-web has reworked fashionable life? Indeed it truly is in all probability adjusted how you remain in contact with family members and good friends, acquire products and products and services, and even research for facts about health troubles.

A wide variety of telehealth tools are offered to help you take care of your health care and get the products and services you want. Are you having gain of them?

What is

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3 key research highlights from NIH’s diabetes branch

Can getting a day-to-day vitamin D nutritional supplement prevent diabetic issues? Which is better for decreasing your chance of diabetic issues: way of life variations or just medicine? Is diabetic issues harder to take care of if you are under age 20?

Latest national studies funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Ailments (NIDDK) have drop some gentle on these thoughts. Christine Lee, M.D., M.S., who can help oversee diabetic issues research at NIDDK, points out what you need to know.

Having vitamin D fails to prevent type two diabetic issues in adults

Vitamin D can

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